Thursday, November 8, 2012

My First Encounter with Love : Back to History of my Life

World is mine, I am king of this world, I am the only one on this earth who knows the difference between me and others.
What!!!!!!!!!!!!??????......Is that man a MAD...??
I am sure you are asking this question to yourself right now, and Yes, I know I am MAD and I have told you about it quite a lot too. Its just another example of the same. :-D
Well, lets delve into the topic of today that I want to share with my very genuine friends, my favorite Guys and Gals, my readers :-)
So, the topic of today isn't much boring but till now while I am typing here very fast, I don't yet know what will I be telling you today. Okay, I was told by one of my reader that my blog is a nice blog for lovers, so let us talk about love a little. Can't post a whole story right now, since my exams are approaching but let me tell you a very nice piece of my life.... Yeah, it is not boring this time ;-)
 My life is very straight on normal days, but this normal day never come straight in my life :-P So, in short I just roll around twists in my life even when I am just sipping a hot cup of tea... I was in love that year.

Love that had warmth of summers and life of spring.. The love of a boy for a girl for first time in his life always has a different flavor as everything seems different to him. The same winters seem to have a nice pinky tint and the summer seems to be just warm enough and not hot. When he meets that special one, his heart starts to pound like a horse running in a field. It is kind of a feeling which can be felt only for the first time. When I found myself in the same kind of conditions, I started to enjoy that warmth. I started to feel the pounding of my heart when she came near me and an amazing perspective of view from which, every morning seems to be very bright and welcoming. I was in love for sure.
I started to hang around my special one whenever I found a suitable time. I started to make my presence noticeable to her. I wanted to befriend her and it was seemed very difficult to me. It was about a month after my first meet to her. I had become one of her best friend by now. I was enjoying my life and that feeling of love, but as I had told you, my life always tries to put me in a twist and what I always say about such situation for me is "Life always elevates me to the top of a Palm tree and then pushes me down on ground from there". It is what happened to me too. I was sent far away from my home to continue my studies and it was my priority also, and there, those feelings started to fade and finally extincted :-( Now I had no more feelings left for my first love. Yet it was only one sided love, so I wasn't in any problem but that was the first and last time I had felt such nice and joyful sensation of love. That tingling effect of it was ended from my life forever. Forever, because after she was gone from my life, I came across tow more girls but never felt that kind of sensation again. Yet again, it was one sided, since, I am till now searching for that special one who can replace that first place but not yet found someone, I had moved quite ahead to see the magic of love once again but didn't felt the same ever again. I guess, this is the only reason I say, "First love is the last love of your life, the second and third are just a compromise."
With the last few words of thank giving for you guys and gals to show the dare to read it till here, I am thankful that you have continued reading it and finally reached the end. I don't know how much you liked it, but if you have liked it, I beg you, yes beg you guys to please leave a comment telling me about your experience. I don't want anything more than that, just a comment. It will be a free gift to me if you will share the link on social networks too. Hope that you have enjoyed it. See you soon. Enjoy your Day :-D :-D :-D and a Very Happy Diwali to all of you :-D


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    1. Thank you very much Sir, that you gave my blog your valuable time :-)