Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Post

Hi Friends!, How are you? I know I am posting very late this time. Guys and Gals (obviously), I can't tell you how busy I was these days, but it's fine. I don't think it will interest you. By the way, I am thinking of something to post. I am unable to guess anything. Can you help me?
Okay, see, I have posted about my life and how interesting it is (pretty boring right ;-) ) I also have posted a nice story ( can't say much as I didn't get a nice review till now). Now, what's left ? Okay, see I don't want you to read another boring (kind of) incident of my life. So, why not I tell you about what's going on these days. Yes, I know, you must be telling to me, "hey! we watch news". I know, and that's why I am not going to show you the picture, rendered by them. In fact I will be showing you the image that I have forged. Well, I am not a critic or something, and yes, I am not a person who can speak on topics like that, but I can do one thing. I can make you think. :-)
Keep Reading...... I am not off :-P
So, I want to tell you about what's going on these days, right? Yet, I don't know where to start. The point is that I don't want to get into the political issues of our country as this blog is accessible all over the world, and my words are enough to stain the image of our country's current political state. So, now I think that I should remain quiet on that matter.
What ? Yes, I have changed my mood. Politics and Social issues aren't my forte. I am good in technical writing and yes, a bit of poetic verses. So, let's get a little poetic.. What do you say? Okay! can't say if I will be able to write a poem even, let me write a bit of philosophy. Okay ;-)

Friends, you know, What is Love? Um, you all may say yes, but if I ask the same question with a twist then? What is the definition of love? Let me tell you.

Love is not an emotion. Love is what makes us emotional. Love is not a thing to feel. Love makes us feel. It makes us feel the emotions. When a child is born. It has no love and thus no emotions (notice it) but when the love is sprouted for his/her mother, the emotions start to flow. The child now smiles and cries when his/her mother is not with him/her. Love has many variant. Now, let me show you an interesting twist. A saint that has gone to Himalayas in the search of God. He says, "I have left the world. The illusion of it is no more. I have raised above these things. Now I am only in search of God." See the twist. He is in Love. The illusion he is talking about has not ended. He is in love with God. He has a craving to find his God. This is the definition of Love. Love has no definition. The word definition can be seen as the combination of two words definite and explanation. The meaning of which is explanation of the definite. Everything in this realm we are living in is definite. But the Love is not definite. Thus there is no definition of Love.
I don't know if all that crap that I have typed above make same sense to you as it makes to me. Please do share your reaction on this post. Waiting to hear from you soon. Enjoy your Day. And please tell me if the title of post goes well with what lays inside it.. :-) See you soon.


  1. hahaha nice budy......u own self confuse what u write :p but nice keep it up...

    and if u want to knw what is love just do it and u got that :)

    1. Haha..... sure I will try to do that too if I will find the right one for me :-D :-D